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Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ - News 

3/28/09 8:25 AM 




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Conference News and Announcements 

The Annual Meeting of the Georgia-South Carolina Association will be held on 

Saturday, April 4th, and hosted by one of our newest churches, Garden of Grace 
UCC, Columbia, SC ( The theme of our keynoter, Associate 
Conference Minister Kathy Clark will be "Ministry— for Such a Time as This". The 
meeting will start at 9:ooA and end at i:30P. Breakfast and lunch will be served. The 
Association will also conduct an Ecclesiastical Council for Ben Rose, a candidate for 
ordination, a member of Central Congregational UCC, and hospice chaplain. 

The Alabama -Tennessee Association announces its Annual Meeting to be held 
April 24-25, also hosted by one of our newest congregations, Holy Trinity 
Community Church, UCC, in Nashville. The event will begin on Friday evening at 
4:ooP and conclude with lunch on Saturday. The theme? Ministry— For Such a Time 
as This! The keynoter for the occasion is Marti Baumer, recently retired from the 
faculty of Eden Theological Seminary; Marti has been working closely on the 
Ministry Issues Pronouncement Implementation. Worship will be led by Holy Trinity 
Drama Team. Registration and information have been sent to all congregations. 

We have conducted a total of three Awareness/Education Meetings concerning a 
campaign for the future of the Southeast Conference. The meetings have been held in 
Birmingham, Nashville, and Atlanta. There are two more meetings; March 28th at 
n:ooA at Pilgrim Congregational UCC, Chattanooga, and April 18th at n:ooA 
at Midway Congregational UCC, Midway GA. The purpose of these meetings is to 
receive feedback on the proposed purpose of the campaign, to refine the presentation 
further, and to place it before the Board of the Conference in May asking them for a 
recommendation to the Annual Meeting of the Conference in June. If you are not one 
of the over 70 leaders and pastors who have attended a meeting to date, we hope you 
will make every effort to be at one of the two remaining meetings. Your voice and 
perspectives are valued. 

The congregations that were represented at the 
Holy Trinity Community UCC Nashville 
Awareness/Education meeting On February 
28th were; Holy Trinity Community UCC, 
Brookmeade Congregational UCC, 

Howard Congregational UCC, from 
Nashville, Pleasant Hill Community UCC, 
TN, Deer Lodge Congregational UCC, TN, 
Fairfield Glade Community Church, TN, 
Central Congregational UCC, Atlanta, 
Pilgrim Congregational UCC, 


At the meeting on March 14, at Central Congregational UCC, Atlanta, the following 
churches were represented: Virginia Highland (A Baptist and UCC 
Congregation), First Congregational UCC, Rush Memorial UCC, Open 
Community UCC, all of Atlanta, and Garden of Grace UCC, Columbia, SC, 
Circular Congregational UCC, Charleston, SC and Peace Congregational UCC, 
Clemson, SC, Pilgrimage UCC, Marietta, GA. We thank First Congregational 
UCC, Birmingham, Holy Trinity Community UCC, Nashville and Central 
Congregational UCC, Atlanta for their warm and generous hospitality at each of these 

Mark your calendars! The 2009 Annual Meeting of the Southeast Conference 

UCC will be held in the Atlanta area June 11-13. Our theme will be "Transforming 
Churches Transforming Lives", with a variety of workshops designed to equip churches 
for vitality in their ministries. We are pleased to announce that we will be hosted by 
Sandy Springs Christian Church, in the Northern tier of Atlanta. Sandy Springs Christian 
Church is a member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) an ecumenical partner 
of the UCC. We will celebrate this relationship as a part of the meeting. UCC 
congregations of the Atlanta area will host the meeting together. We will be welcoming 
as a keynoter Steve Sterner, the Acting Executive Minister of Local Church 

Register for a 2009 
GA/SC - Ala/Tenn 
Association Meeting. 

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Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ - News 

3/28/09 8:25 AM 

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Ministries of the UCC, and a member of Central Congregational UCC, Atlanta. 
We are pleased to announce that our continuing partnership with Lancaster 
Theological Seminary will be marked with presentations and representation from the 

Conference Minister Tim Downs attended a 
meeting of the Southern Region UCC 

Conferences in Orlando March 4-5 at which 
time we explored ways in which Southern, 
Southeast, Florida, and South Central can 
cooperate more fully in ministry. We celebrated 
the ways in which we are collaborating around 
new church development, youth ministries, 
financial development, and women's ministries. 
We look forward to future collaborations around 
leadership development, congregational vitality, 
and technologies. 

We are continuing to develop the Friends of the Conference Campaign, which will 
offer an opportunity to make individual contributions to OCWM Basic Support, or 
specific ministries of the Conference. The Board of Directors of the Conference 
has pledged over $6,000 to support this effort to date. 

The Southeast Conference staff is organizing a convocation of new churches from the 
Formula of Agreement partners in the Southeast, on April 21st. Susannah Davis the 
pastor of Kirkwood UCC, Atlanta, and Susie Smith, pastor of Peace 
Congregational UCC, Clemson, SC, will be gathering with their counterparts from 
congregations of three Presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the 
Southeastern Synod of the ELCA. The purpose of these will be to explore ways in which 
we can collaborate to strengthen the training and ministries we each have in new church 

The Southeast Conference is beginning to cultivate 
congregations that are candidates to birth new 
churches. Called 'Church Multiplication" the 
United Church of Christ considers this traditional 
strategy for new church development to be a growing 
edge. If this is an initiative in which you believe your 
church would have an interest, be in touch with 
Cameron Trimble at 

The Southeast Conference was well represented at the 
gathering of the Boards of the Covenanted Ministries of 
the United Church of Christ, March 19-22. At that meeting the conversation concerning 
a reorganizing of the national setting of the UCC to achieve greater collaboration and 
coordination among the ministries of the UCC for more effective mission was brought to 
an end, and will not move forward. From our conference the following were present: 
Gary Myers, pastor of Trinity Congregational UCC, Athens, AL, Dorinda 
Broadnax, licensed minister and member of Community Congregational UCC, 
Montgomery, Elizabeth Clement and Marvin Morgan members of First 
Congregational UCC, Atlanta, Michael Pater, pastor of Central Congregational 
UCC, Atlanta, Tim Downs, Conference Minister. Elizabeth Clement, who serves on 
the Board of the Office of General Ministries of the UCC, also serves on the Governance 
Follow-up Task Force II, the recommendations of which were turned down at this 

To view the full calendar of events of the Conference and Associations, visit our web site 
at ! 

Posted on March, 2009 

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